Social support of citizens - is an important component of the policy of many European countries.In each country it has its own features, but the emergence of the concept of socially-oriented state took place throughout Europe is almost identical.The end of the 19th century was marked by the adoption of a number of social laws providing insurance almost all spheres of social risks.This inevitable process in Europe was caused by the need to prevent the threat of socialist movements and to conclude an agreement between the state, employers and employees.

Social Policy of the European countries, first of all, intended to guarantee every citizen receive basic social benefits, as well as ensure the development of the social sphere: health, education, culture.The basic principle of social support in European countries is the equation o
f the rights and opportunities for all citizens by providing material assistance to needy people, the unemployed, the disabled, pensioners.

The main purpose of the conservative welfare state is to support the family, not the individual citizen.Provide support through the provision of material goods, regardless of nationality or needs, and according to the place of work and status.Coordinated by such a system of corporate, ienot directly controlled by the state.This model guided by such European countries as Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Austria.

Social-democratic state aims to equalize social rights of citizens and provide them with the same social conditions and benefits.State support in the least dependent on human intervention in markets and more connected to his personal needs.

liberal model of the welfare state provides for the use of the residual principle in the implementation of the citizens' support.Iethe state actively promotes job search for low-income population, while engaging in a process of social support for market actors.Individuals have the right to choose between a minimum set of services, not of high quality, and the same high-quality services offered on the market conditions.This model of social policy used by Great Britain.

process of social support in European countries multilateral and complex, it depends on the structure of belonging to a particular model.But the existence of certain guarantees and the protection of social rights of citizens is observed in most European countries and the basis for their social policies.