Call people by name.As often as possible pronounce the name of the person, this is the easiest and most effective way to quickly establish contact with the man and to win its location.Even if you know just a few hours, personal appeal will quickly find common themes and closer.
listen more and speak less.Everybody nice to find a companion who listens with genuine attention.Empathize, ask questions and clarify details.Try to take the place of the speaker, to see things from his point of view.To do this, concentrate on the conversation without being distracted by extraneous thoughts.Never interrupt, it looks like a lack of respect for the othe
r party and not play in your favor.
Be positive!Feeling good, cheerful smile - and people to reach for you.Enthused people often praise, because everyone deserves a good word.Giving others feel their own importance, you become for them an invaluable friend.Of course, we all have bad days.If you feel that you got up on the wrong foot, do some auto-training.Remember the five good things that happened to you yesterday, even though it will be the little things that are usually overlooked.Treat yourself to a delicious cup of tea or cocoa.In any case, do not vent their anger and negative on others.
Avoid unconstructive criticism.Be polite, making notes, give up negative evaluations and labels.Never place yourself above other people - a feeling of arrogance can ruin even the best of relationships.Is tolerant of those who are around you.After all, there are disadvantages for each person.
Be ready to help, even if I have to sacrifice their own interests for the sake of a loved one.If you can help, do not hesitate to take the initiative.It is not always asking people support, despite the fact that they need it.Be sensitive to others, and they will tell you the same.