Use cad against his own weapon.Simply put, the answer rudeness to rudeness.Use this technique can be only if you are absolutely sure of its power and possess an inexhaustible supply of abusive, derisive and insulting remarks.Answer boor is necessary immediately, without hesitation and without giving him time to recover.Speak loudly and should be fast, gesticulating violently.
Break the pattern of response to rudeness.Ham accustomed that his remarks usually respond the same way: offense, defense or trying to appeal to the conscience.Start loudly and mockingly mimicking cad.Or with exaggerated seriousness pr
etend that you are listening carefully, agree and catch every word.You can get a notebook and write cues, asking cad to repeat and not to talk too fast.Very quickly he forgets that all wanted to say.
Apply imaging technique.Present on site cad fat, glossy leech.Watch her wriggling little body, shiny back and greedy mouth with interest and disgust.Do not try to hide your feelings.Looking at your face at this moment, any lost the desire to tell you shit.This method is well suited for people with a rich imagination.
Laugh.Loud, mocking and insulting.Any person has flaws.Look closely at the lout, his figure, clothes, hairstyle.You laugh at all that you will seem ridiculous or ugly.This is perhaps the most effective way to fight hard and with a cad.Against malicious ridicule, even he is powerless.
sympathize boor.Just unfortunate, weak and insecure man tries to assert themselves at the expense of others.Empathy politely cold and contemptuous pity.Such a pity humiliates even cad.
Remember, do not be shy to rebuff rudeness, it is not necessary to save a grudge and anger.And then cads in your environment will be much less.They are simply afraid to stand in your way.