concept of respect

In the modern state dignity, rights and freedoms of the individual is one of the key principles of the society, whereby society there should be no tolerance for people regardless of their background, lifestyle, and other distinguishing features.Nevertheless, a person selects for itself a separate group of people worthy of respect, adhering to his own opinion.

respect for the person most likely to occur if it has some positive qualities, for example, he always tells the truth, does not have bad habits, leading a healthy lifestyle and exercise, intelligent and well-earned, taking up a prominent position in society.Thus, the presence of several positive qualities in man simple respect for him may grow in admiration for him, and
even adoration.Often these people appreciate those who would like in anything they like. Man's actions also can cause those around respect for him.In modern society, people are particularly appreciated by those who help others, not stand aside if someone was an unpleasant situation.

role of mutual respect in society

With respect to each other, as a rule, are those people who have something in common.For example, members of the workforce, as well as students of educational institutions, often take place in a good relationship, to listen to each other's views, showing courtesy and all respect.This also relate to each other, for example, athletes from one section party members, housemates, and others.Nevertheless, it should be remembered that every person deserves to be respected, regardless of their appearance, character or actions.Failure to do so leads to the growth of selfishness and other negative aspects of people. To earn respect, it is important not to turn away from the people and try to show their best side in any situation - at school, work, friends and family.

unpleasant, but quite common fact in modern society becomes the respect of those who belong to the same nation, a culture, and even skin color.But other people do not respect or even contempt.All this gives rise to such phenomena as nationalism and racism, it causes all sorts of crimes and even wars.The Company is actively struggling with this problem, but it is still widespread around the world.