Who should give a tip?

teas made almost any reward staff.These include maids, porters, taxi drivers, massage therapists, nurses and so on. And ethicists remind: the higher the level of institutions, there should be more staff leave a tip.

For example, if you visit a luxury restaurant, a reward will have a lot of people, in addition to the waiter.Tipped in this case deserve the cloakroom (1-2 dollars / euros) and the sommelier (the tip is about 5-10% of the value of the selected wines).In the hotel are encouraged to promote the porter (per suitcase) and a maid.If you ask for a concierge service, do not forget to thank him a sum of up to € 5.

Rewards deserve guide and driver of a tour bus.The amount can be ve

ry small - enough to fork over € 1-2.It should encourage and taxi driver.There are two options: the rounding amount, or 10% of the total cost.Note: This rule does not apply to the private carting.

Guardians your beauty also often rely on tips, especially if you are a regular customer.The amount in this case can be up to 15% of the total score.Enlarge it to be 1.5 times if you suddenly descended to the salon and asked to jump the queue.

tipping is not customary to reward employees laundries, tailors, shoemakers and so on. It is also considered bad manners is encouraging doctors, psychologists, teachers, trainers.In this case, expressed gratitude to better with flowers and a small gift.


expectations in each country has its own "tip" tradition-based lifestyle, mentality, social conditions.For example, in Russia the amount of remuneration, on average, 10% of the total bill.Quite different expectations for American workers.There's staff expects to receive up to 25%.Visitors often encourage employees $ 1-2 even fast food.

Lower "demand" for European workers.In Italy, it is recommended to leave a tip of about 5-10%, in Germany - 5% (by rounding).France is famous included in the service account (as indicated on the menu), but a few coins will be accepted with gratitude.In the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway and so on.) About tipping do not even think: should strictly pay by check.

National traditions most clearly seen in Asian countries.There's a tip perceived as an insult.For example, in Japan should not be to convince the waiter to take a few yen surrender or leave - you will catch up and make pick up.In China officially banned tip.However, you can "forget" change.