Initially, in 2000, the entire territory of Russia was divided into 7 FD, then, after the decree of Dmitry Medvedev on January 19 of 2010, the number increased to 8 by splitting into twoindependent of the North Caucasus and Southern Federal District.In addition, at present and for the past three years (since June 2011) and in consideration is the creation of the Capital District with borders within the Ring Road.
This current division of Russia, designed to increase the efficiency of management of the country, provides a definition of each of the District 8 o
f the city center with visiting representatives of each of them the president of the administrative apparatus and the control of a federal agency.But this rule has its exceptions, as in the North Caucasus Federal District is not an official town-center.The designated counties podpredy also have no constitutional functions and represent the presidential administration.
Still other changes in the number and composition of the Russian Federal District were made in 2014, when Russia joined to the territory of the Crimean peninsula.Thus the 9 districts of Russia - is:
- Central Federal District with an area of ​​652.8 thousand square kilometers and a population at the beginning of 2014 in the amount of 38.819 million people.As part of this education includes 18 subjects, regions, and its administrative center is in Moscow;
- Southern Federal District with an area of ​​416,840 square kilometers, a population of 13,963,000 people, with 6 subjects and the capital of the Rostov-on-Don;
- Northwestern Federal District - 1.677 million square kilometers, 13.8 million people, 11 actors and the central city of St. Petersburg;
- Far Eastern Federal District - 6.215 million square kilometers, 6.226 million people, and the capital of the 9 subjects in Khabarovsk;
- Siberian Federal District - 5.114 million square kilometers and 19,292,000 inhabitants, 12 regions and the capital of Novosibirsk;
- Ural FD - 1.788 million square kilometers, 12.234 million people, 6 actors and Yekaterinburg;
- Volga Federal District - 1.038 million square kilometers and 29,738,000 inhabitants, 14 regions and the capital of Nizhny Novgorod;
- North Caucasus Federal District - 172.36 thousand square kilometers, 9.59 million people and 7 subjects in the composition;
- Crimean District - 26.945 thousand square kilometers, 2,342,000 inhabitants, 2 subject and the central city of Simferopol.Newly acquired territory of Russia and the new FD - it is actually the very Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol city of federal significance.