first where to start to learn how to joke - to examine the classification of wit.

Imaginary opposition - the most popular technique in jokes.The joke is constructed in such a way that the final part of phrases or sentences seem to contradict the very beginning, but in fact strengthens it.

Imaginary gain.In such a joke all the way around - the final part of the sentence in form reinforces the beginning, and in fact refutes it.

reductio ad absurdum is usually achieved by using hyperbole and written or oral form.

absurdity is very similar to the reduction to absurdity.It lies in the very situation that defies common sense.Sometimes called the absurdity of inadvertent or unintentional joke.

in professional activities using comedians jokes, including a mixture of different styles of wit.However, this kind of fools is quite difficult to learn and to joke with him will

help only by creative types.

Moving from theory to practice, it is worth considering the following points:

  • should first define the area in which you will be able to work well with his wit.For example, if you are not interested in the political sphere of activity, it is likely, do not joke about the next presidential elections in a third world country - a joke no one can evaluate.

  • become a man with a good sense of humor and you can no joke.It is necessary to prepare a humorous answers to simple questions.Come up with a couple of witty phrases on various occasions that, in the event that they successfully use,

  • if your friends or acquaintances claim that laugh at you much better than over your humorous jokes, do not be offended!Rather, they said it's not out of malice, but to make a joke.Besides, a little self-irony does not hurt.

jokes in art should not change the sense of proportion and humor to the place on a sense of humor - wit a perfect knowledge.What could be worse than the comic comment on the topic, the discussion which ended a couple of hours ago.

jokingly importantly, what would you have heard.If your witty phrase no one heard or understood, it is not necessary to repeat and explain.These actions will not help you.