Statistics alcohol consumption per capita

abridged version of the report of the WHO in 2013 on volumes of ethanol consumed per capita by country, taking into account persons over 15 years:

1. Moldova - 18.22 liters per capitapopulation;preference is given to different drinks about the same: a beer (4.57), wine (4.67) and spirits (4.42)
2. Czech Republic - 16.45 liters per capita;the greatest preference is given to the Czechs to beer (8.51), followed by spirits (3.60), well, the rest is accounted for beer (2.33)
3. Hungary - 16.27 liters per capita;about the same amount of consumption of the three main types of alcohol: beer (4.42), wine (4.94) and spirits (3.02)

Russia is not included even in the top ten, occupying 16th place
in the list with the amount of alcohol consumption per capita is 1350 liters per year, of which nearly 7 account for hard liquor.

Even if you take into account the amount consumed liquor, and here Russian output only in sixth place, behind the Republic of Korea, Estonia, Saint Lucia, Grenada and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Why does the world think that all Russian drink?

tradition of drinking in Russia and in Russia has evolved long, but filled virtually every sphere of life.Yet Dostoevsky wrote: "In Russia, drunk people we have the good. Most people are good for us and very drunk."

in 17-19 centuries foreign travelers who visited Russia was called one of the Russian drinking nations, along with the Germans, the British, the Czechs and the Poles.Petra Petra de Erlezunda (Petr Petrej de Erlezunda), envoy of the Swedish king, he wrote: "You did not place among the Russian, if you do not drink. 'You do not drink - so do not respect me!', So they say."

Russian tradition to drink to the health or drink and eat everything on the table, to the owners of the house "evil" not to leave go far into the mythology.Even the Old Slavonic epic heroes who could drink the most, enjoy honor and respect others ...

Even in Russia the strengthening of foreign relations for the feast is going on, and often for a small drinking.Some of our future leaders also maintained this tradition - another reason for the formation of the stereotype ...

Given all of the above, one of the main factors of stereotypes about "Russian drunkards" is the fact that we are strengthening the stereotype:in conversations, in jokes, in the literature, there are different "Irony of Fate," which looks the whole country, and at the sight of drunken protagonist are touched, even those who think alcohol is disgusting.