Moral values ​​- these are the basic rules and principles of human behavior in society.Everyone, when he was living with other people, must adhere to the rules in order to maintain stability and create favorable conditions for development, employment, training.Without it can not survive any society.Of course, to comply with these conditions will not be a subject for which offenders should impose sanctions.It is also clear that in every society, rules and values ​​will change: in the ancient world or the Middle Ages, it was difficult to imagine such freedom, borders and frames for the individual, which appeared in today's society.
should not be confused moral values ​​with the laws of the State: not all laws conform to these criteria.Moral values ​​are generally not from reason, but from the heart, but at the
same time designed to ensure that everyone can live comfortably and at peace with themselves and others.
Many believe that moral values ​​come from the Bible and it is thanks to her modern citizens know and accept them.In fact, the values ​​in people's souls matured since ancient times, and thanks to the Bible came to prominence and distribution as true for the moral existence of man.
One of the main moral values ​​is the love of others.This is not a sensual or sentimental love that person is experiencing the opposite sex, but love, which manifests to the person regardless of sex, age, race or religion.This love helps to open the heart to the needs and requirements of the other person to help make even strangers, to sympathize with them, nor do evil towards others.Because of this love a person does not commit violence against neighbors - neither physical nor mental.We give this love is not easy, because people are accustomed to compete, envy, fight hate.Learn to love your neighbor should be the same as any other art.
Through love faces and other moral values ​​such as kindness and generosity.The most important gift that a person can give to another - this is your time.So devote time to relatives, friends and even strangers is so important.Sometimes it gives something much more pleasant than to receive.Kindness and generosity are closely related to the ability and the desire to help other people, compassion means lack of human indifference.
honesty and humility - it is also important moral values ​​that many people forget.Be honest with others and do not flaunt good deeds that a person does to others - it is worthy of respect.These qualities are transformed into a noble human behavior.