by phone, e-mail or any other way you specify at the arriving train number, the time and place of arrival.Let them tell you at what station and arrive in what the car will go.Usually this information is in to buy tickets.Time is indicated on the ticket Moscow, so if you meet people in a different time zone, remember to consult with Moscow time, and add or subtract the appropriate number of hours.
Take only the essentials - passport, transport cards, ticket or travel.As a rule, guests come with suitcases and bags, so your hands-free will not be superfluous.
Arrive at the station in 15-20 minutes before the arrival of the train with the guests.This time will be enough to learn on what platform the train arrives, and go directly to i
find in the station building or near an electronic bulletin board.It usually looks like a screen ticker.If you can not find it, ask the employees of the station, where you search for information on arriving trains.Some of the stations instead of the electronic scoreboard hanging usual information board.
on board or the board you will see information about the number of trains, the place of its origin, will also be specified arrival time, parking in minutes and the number of platforms on which part comes.At the same time listen to messages dispatcher station, they duplicate the information and report to the head or tail of the train (that is, from the beginning or the end) is the numbering of wagons.
Then follow the platform.Stand so that you could see coming.Be careful at railway stations are widespread cases of theft and fraud.Avoid suspicious persons and try to keep valuables in hard to reach places.
If you meet guests at the bus station, an algorithm of actions will be about the same, only instead of the train you will have to approach the bus arrived.Welcome visitors, take their heavy bags and proceed to the exit of the station.