truly cultural modern man knows and constantly observes the long-established norms of behavior, has an inner conviction of the need to implement them.Raised in a culture is manifested in the person of ordinary minor everyday acts, not in order to see the surrounding.For the cultured person is considered to be quite natural to be polite, friendly, act in accordance with the generally accepted rules.
modern cultured person elects a style of behavior that reflects his personality, conforming behavior in society and is not based on the desir
e to stand out.Own conscience and beliefs help to remain so, what is really not to hide flaws and exhibit dignity.Cultural man always behaves naturally and easily, regardless of the social status of others.Demeanor and internal personality traits are not evident, and constitute the essence of a man.
education of civilized man is not limited to a good education, good habits.The main thing is to have a rich spiritual culture, is constantly engaged in self-education, to respect other people.
external attractiveness quickly disappear if no man's own thoughts, intelligence, honesty, sense of humor.Beauty lies in the charm of a man, the external manifestation of the beauty of the inner world.
truly cultured person unusual manifestation of cynicism.No matter how beautiful appearance, smart and educated, observant moral standards nor was the man impudence and shamelessness, contemptuous attitude toward other people unconditionally exclude it from the category of cultural personalities.
Noble highly cultured man always trusts the other, he does not accept and understand life, based on the conflicts and deceit.
basis of behavior - in respect for all people with their strengths and weaknesses.
Cultural man must be discreet, that is able to guess the time for other unpleasant situations and prevent them.He would never spy and eavesdrop, gossip and slander.Politeness - the same trait of civilized man is not able to hurt the other.He is modest, combined with insistence to himself.Self-esteem is manifested in the concept of honor: he is not capable of despicable acts.
Cultural man truly loves his country is interested in the history and traditions of the people.
Unfortunately, in today's society have become quite common rudeness, greed, greed, etc.People with this kind of qualities that are not considered as cultural, no matter how erudite and attractive in appearance, they are.
These personality traits are fundamental to the cultural characteristics of modern humans and not exhaust the concept of culture.