Good and evil - is very conditional concept.As a philosopher - the concept of limits, categorical and yet relative.In terms of money as it is difficult to give a precise definition and understanding of the fact whether they are good or evil.

once said the famous philosopher Francis Bacon: "Money - a wonderful servant but a lousy master."Perhaps, he wanted to show just how much a person can become dependent on the money and at the same time, how skillfully you can dispose of the equivalent power.One can only speculate a little on the subject of good or evil nature of money, but did not come to a definite conclusion indisputable.

Welcome money

Many people thinking about whether they have a lot of money, saw themselves as philanthropists, philanthropists, generous donors and distributors of infinite riches.Lif
e examples show that this is not always the case.The sudden wealth does not lead to generosity, but there are exceptions.

These exceptions allow make money way to ennoble the world.After all, social order man, his being, is largely dependent on the financial component.In the treatment they need the money for the resettlement in life, need money.Coin needed to help the disadvantaged, to saturate the hungry, healing for the sick.And the man who has money can organize all this.He is able to really make the world better.But only if you will not go to the dark side.

Evil money or the dark side

Often the big money make people seek pleasure.So we organized our human physiology that pleasure is important for well-being, a sense of satisfaction with life, just for a normal existence.Being in the money a person can afford a lot.From a legitimate way to go beyond the Criminal Code or even just human morality.

This path leads to the depletion of both physically and mentally.Gradually, people burn out, spending the money.He does not create anything, but only enjoys the fact that others are doing.None of what philanthropy, patronage, or simply good deeds then it is not.Just the existence of an animal for the sake of new pleasures.And sooner or later, "boss" takes possession of his "slave."Money is running out and ... no good.

It turns out that with money you can do both good and evil.Hence the logical conclusion that the coin itself is neither good nor bad.Important human relation to financial matters.From an individual depends on where and what means will be used.So, money is not bad and not good in itself.They are the means by which you can make the world better or worse.