In the modern world is in a very good cult - the cult of youth and beauty.Girls do not instill in early childhood, they are the future and toiler stroitelnitsy communism, they first of all - the future of women.Learn to be beautiful is not ashamed and never early.There is a special cosmetics for children and adolescents.But the school ... it appropriate to go to school with bright makeup with painted, but more than that - of artificial nails?Yes, everyone recognizes the right of girls to care for themselves, but where does the beauty and the challenge begins?

Who can be against her painted nails

Do not forget that many teachers - the people
of the old school, they have grown up and even started to work at a time when it is not what makeup - Ribbon "not shaped" flowers are considered a crimeand immorality.No wonder that such a teacher without enthusiasm looking at the bright, fancy manicure their students.

course, girls can defend its right to argue with teachers ... But we should think well, is it worth it.Painted on her taste (often unsteady, children's) nails - and damaged relationship with the teacher, this is the first.The second point - whether the girl herself feels that it is able to survive in the struggle for their nails.

It is possible that after much wrangling it will have to give way to the teacher.In this case, it is easier and more useful to do so immediately.For example, the nails will be presented in a proper, according to the teacher, the kind, but the conflict may be remembered, and how it goes around comes around during the critical examination - is unknown.

Should girls paint nails

Well, the very subject of the dispute - bright manicure.Without a doubt, hygienic manicure do not only possible, but necessary.But we want and make up your nails perfectly decorated.No one is afraid of the fact that the varnish may have a detrimental effect on the child's body, the more that there are special coverage for children and adolescents.This is to increase the nails grow too long or its not worth it.

Building on children's hands looks really wild, and her nails are too long they are clearly not decorate.Moreover - and can injure itself, and harming others, they may interfere with outdoor games and physical education classes.Natural, clean, treated nails - that young girls need.

Coverage school can not do bright, with drawings and tender, natural, pastel tones.Discreet, quiet nail color will not annoy anyone, moreover, it is the most practical and girls - will inevitably appear during the day flaws are not evident, it is easy to apply and rinse in the morning in the evening.Catchy, causing manicure wait until the holidays.