Messing was born in September 1899 in Poland.From his youth, G. Wolf was in the room with the illusionists.Later he mastered pop telepathy (the ability to read minds by hand).

faithful companion and assistant, was Aida M. Messing Messing-Rapoport, who was with her husband until his death. No credible evidence has been found Messing genius, his adventures are considered nothing more than a hoax talented.

Miracle or talented bluff

name of Messing admired Einstein and Freud, his opinion was considered Stalin, and said it feared Hitler, who wanted to get hold of the man's head, as the Wolf Messing inadvertently predicted itfate in the event of war with Germany, t
he Soviet Union.

Stalin has repeatedly invited Messing to him personally to make sure of its abilities.Once the leader ordered Messing arrive at a reception in the Kremlin, while prohibiting anyone from protection and entourage to pass the Pole.Nevertheless, with the help of his hypnotic abilities Messing easily come to Stalin, rather than surprise leader, moreover, he also left the Kremlin walls, passing by raised the alarm protection.

road to death

Messing has lived more than 75 years.It is not just committed the assassination, as some politicians, both Soviet and foreign, genuinely feared Soviet forecaster.
During World War II, G. Wolff injured both legs.Messing conducted a series of operations on his hips, then had surgery on the iliac artery, which, according to medical records, was successful and ended in the patient's recovery.Nevertheless, despite successful surgery, Wolf Messing died on November 8, 1974 as a result of pulmonary edema and complete kidney failure.It is still unclear what caused a sharp deterioration in the health of G. Wolf.Someone believes that it deliberately wanted to kill someone believes that all due to age rather big telepath.

Messing was buried in Moscow on Vostryakovsky cemetery.During the life of messing repeatedly said that definitely wants to rest next to his beloved wife, Aida Mihajlovnoj Messing-Rapoport.At the grave site of 38 Messing, united spouses, a tall marble monument.On her grave - a bas-relief on it - portrait print.Near the monument is white wife Utesova.It is a guided tourists.