Be courteous and helpful with all

When Catherine arrived only in Russia, she had no friends, no patrons.She did not immediately became empress, and within a few years of her life to control the actions Empress Elizabeth.Catherine managed not only to her friends, but also to win the favor of his servants, including those who had been assigned to watch over her and control her behavior.Politeness and friendly attitude - is the foundation on which to build a relationship, even if people are against you.Without answering them the same, you can change the attitude.


Catherine knew neither Russian, nor a lot of things about the Russian tradition, but constantly studying.Despite poor health (she once acclimatised to the harsh Russian winter),

the first time she even got up in the middle of the night, before dawn, only to memorize everything that was written in her notebooks on the Russian language.That is what allowed it to quickly become "their" among the nobility of another state.

stronger impression, the less use

Catherine a young age felt that if the dress created a furore and provoked genuine admiration of others, the greater wear it can not, because the next time the impression is smaller, and it will cast a shadow on her very.It is better to come up with a new way to back all were delighted as much as twice as less.Wear can often only those dresses that produce smooth appearance.

course, today few people buy a dress for one way out, but if we apply this rule to your image as a whole, it worked perfectly in our days.

Delegate responsibilities

In his later letters Catherine kept repeating trusted people to be more concerned with the planning and the most important things, entrusting the rest of everything that is possible.She herself this strategy is very helpful, as you can see on the achievements of the country during her reign.