That allows a referendum

mechanism of a referendum is that the opportunity to ascertain the views of the people most significantly is not his only problem.To power the referendum - it is also a way to share with the people responsible for the decision and its consequences.Objectivity referendum depends on several impartially carried out its organization and asking questions.Society certainly agree with the results of the referendum, if the government does not manipulate people's consciousness through the media.

Thus, the value of the referendum is very high only in the impartiality and objectivity of the conditions of its organization.Only in this case the choice of the majority of members of the society will be tr
uly the best of all the options.If people's interests are not contrary to the interests of the structures of power, a referendum is the surest way out of difficult situations that can bring benefit and "lower classes" and "up".

These decisions follow from the very clear public laws.As society headed by the authorities is a viable system, it has a sort of instinct of self-preservation.In other words, our actions Society strives to preserve its own existence.However, the actions and decisions taken by the authorities (or rather, its individual members) do not always meet this requirement.And it is also logical, because the power - that's not the whole system, but only a small part of a whole.

In some cases, a referendum is inefficient and biased?

In some cases, a referendum is not only ineffective, but also useless, and even harmful to society.First of all, it makes no sense to hold a referendum, if the society is not a single system.For example, to hold a referendum in the country, consists of a set of different colonies impractical.Pictures of opinions will be different for each colony.

no objective and therefore benefit for the society will not lead a referendum held in order to "push" the desired solution has matured in the highest echelons of power.It is useless to hold such a referendum and in which mistakes are made in the organization: asking questions can be done in a provocative form, and evaluation - and did fraudulently.The objective can not be a referendum in such a society, the consciousness that manipulates the structure of supreme power.