specialists in the field of adolescent psychology argue that drag in age from 11 to 16 years is akin to children's games that provide growth and development, educate, provide additional education, teach self-reliance, practiceprovide realization of interests.In the integrated form of modern teenagers all hobbies can be divided into several units: intellectual hobbies, sports, nakopitelskie, information and communication and leadership to enable a person to realize himself as a leader.
Of course, one of the favorite hobbies of teenagers today is the computer and information technology.Today, perhaps no young person not registered in the social network or "ICQ".In second place is a sport which, fortunately, as the hobby has become extremely popular among young people.Football, basketball, volleyball, karate
, running, dancing, along with snowboards, skateboards and even paintball and parkour - all this makes the body flexible, agile, improves health, allowing the person to feel confident and harmonious form.
not sunk into oblivion and collecting, which, however, often has a very practical significance.Today, the object of desire may be sporting T-shirts, caps, football teams, a certain series of books, badges from different countries and even the corks from bottles.All of this can often be very profitable to sell in auctions or exchange.
wrong to think that young people do not understand music and art, and their particular perception of modern music styles, interests of their literature is not always understood by adults who have grown up in a completely different era, another subordinate ideals.How many years ago, teenagers tend to create a new format KVN comedy, participate in creative projects, conduct market research, go hiking in the countries of near and far abroad.
development of modern technologies brings young people to a new level of knowledge, now a high school student or any student can reflash your own cell phone, reinstall "Windu" and even write a special program that composes the-art hits.
Teens actively taught languages, interested in the cultures of other nations often become active participants in a variety of movements and subcultures.All this must be understood and accepted by adults without any morals and impose their stereotypes.