prone to rudeness and people brought little diffident.Sometimes tactful comments, appeals for calm and reasonable arguments do not lead to positive results, but only warmed "righteous" wrath of the interlocutor.Such situations are forced to learn to put the boors in place, but this must be done skillfully, beautifully!

Enter confused

Any communication daring controversial person initially considers himself above his opponent or himself wants to prove it.Perhaps a certain status does allow this behavior, at least in his understanding.Plus energy discharge occurs - to vent their own unresolved problems to the weaker.The purpose of rudeness - to disrupt, cut to the quick rise and in their eyes, so should respond calmly, with a share of sympathy and, if possible with humor.Sincere or feigned empathy can lea
d to utter confusion, because louts seek the confidence and power, but pity and understanding.With humor have embittered people the situation is even more complicated.In fact, they see the whole situation seriously and to further develop conflict.In response to the ironic remark: "and then Ostap suffered" or the remark: "played poorly," I do not believe it! "Can happen a real embarrassment.All previous abuse was perceived as a bad joke, a bad acting job.Nothing to do but to turn the conversation back to normal or to refuse further communication.

Add metaphor

In some situations, the response rudeness could have negative consequences, such as in the case of the authorities or their parents.However, to avoid stepping on the self-esteem, you can use a special technique called in psychology "stereotype quotes."The essence of this method is the use of metaphors, allowing a third person to make a rude remark and express their own opinion.In response to a question the chief unbalanced, you can see how the morning had to go up in the elevator with some crazy, out of the blue that made a real scandal.As a result, noting that the person is probably a big problem and so it is better to sit at home and not to disrupt their anger on others.When the debate turns into a cry, and the other side is not willing to listen to other people's arguments, say it's nice to chat with balanced and reasonable people, while some just wanted to ask sometimes, "shut up."Such tactics behavior affects interlocutors sobering and makes one think.

In any rudeness can find a graceful way of response, while not resembling the level of conversation.The jocular remark unexpected pity and "accidentally" given example - an adequate response to the open rudeness.