Amid numerous rumors curious interest, not for Vladimir Vladimirovich Is she married?There was no answer.But persistent attempts to learn something, journalists heard a little bit more, and they will become unemployed.

What is truth among the rumors about his personal life Alina Kabaeva

Alina Kabaeva was carrying the Olympic flame at the opening of the Olympics in Sochi and at the same time made it clear that on her hand wedding ring.He considered everything, and guests and reporters.Olympic champion is credited with at least one child born to her from Putin, but she said during an interview that the children do not yet have.Life is measured in her work in the State Duma is time-consuming. amazing how reporters the personal life of someone is haunted, they even ordinary family problems associated with romance on the side
She even opened a page on its website, promising to tell it about the nuances of his personal life, but no reports were not left.Cope 30 years in 2013, she crossed an important milestone of his life, and now all the information about it is available only in the form of rumors.

In 2014 she will be 31 years old, and she is a young man, whose name is not going to call.And what is most interesting, she said that she was with him so well that sometimes becomes even scary.And all this is shrouded in mystery, although previously nothing was concealed.And there was no secret to anyone that once David Museliani was her boyfriend.This is a decent and fair police officer is of the opinion about it colleagues.

Rumors of marriage Alina Kabaeva, exciting imagination

That Alina Kabaeva secretly entered into a valid marriage with Russian President Vladimir Putin, recently wrote virtually all of the printed edition.The starting point was the rumor ring on the finger of athletes.It is always considered a fan of GDP and beloved champion, it is associated with Alina president divorce his wife.

When GDP announced divorce with Lyudmila, writing fraternity cringed and waited another sensation when it was reported the President of the wedding, and when Alina marry him.Media is already attributed to her a couple of sons born to Putin. Even famous people have a right to privacy, without the intervention of outsiders. Journalists immediately tied divorce Putin and his turbulent romance with Alina Kabaeva.However, the heroes of gossip did not comment on these rumors, and Putin to a direct question about the date of the wedding with the champion said that such a statement is groundless.