Do not be afraid to start acquaintance with the presentation itself.It's not only completely natural intonation for small talk, but also respect for the basic rules of politeness.Call your full name (Andrew) or short (Sasha), but diminutive forms (for example, Slavik) and then, as you called friends (Dimon, Kohl and other names relevant in your current company, but not in a conversationwith a stranger).You should not be presented by name and patronymic, even if the interlocutor half younger than you.After all, you are relying on a romantic feel and do not want to associate it with a teacher or boss.
Refer to a strange girl "you" if you want to show off a polite man.The exception is when you find yourself at a party, but had never been introduced to each other.In
terestingly, the dating system, known as the pick-up (from the English pick up - pick up and remove) recommends talking with the girls "you".Given that Pickup Girls are interested in the lungs, nor noncommittal relationship with fast sex, their logic is clear: if the interviewee makes first phrases to reduce the distance, and hence in the further rapprochement will not refuse.
Despite the abundance of intricate formulas that you can start a conversation with the girl you like the most effective way to introducing a simple phrase: "I like you very much, and I would love to see you again."Such treatment is appropriate in the street, in transport, even in traffic.Memorized formulas for dating only good when a young man lacking self-confidence and artistry to pass them off as impromptu.After all, is not words that you say, and intonations, look, gestures.A slight embarrassment, even like a girl if you do not consider it as a "tenant" as well as a serious beau.