There Ethnicity human , which is called "vistsertonik."This low, plump burly with a round face slightly reddish hue.Men often bald.These people are more cheerful and witty, like a good and tasteful meal.Usually they are kind and sociable, even too much.They stretch and trust them around so often, this type is found among politicians and other elected officials.
Another characteristic type - "somatonik."His you always learn by tall, gruff stature, broad shoulders, large hands and feet.Most often, the skin in humans this type of appearance - dark.They are people of action and the consequences of which they think only after it was committed.Such be
havior often affects their lives, making it unpredictable.They strive to be a leader and do not spare to achieve its goals either himself or those who stand in their way.
¬ęTserobrotonik" - the type of people with the tall, lean physique.Complexion they usually pale and kind so often frail and sickly.Outside him the most that neither is a "botanical", supplemented by points.Many of these people are cut off from reality, head in the clouds, live in their own, imaginary world, and do not like to return to reality.Because of the fear of her can substitute even close human , saving his "house of the snail."Usually friends such people a little bit, because they understand quite difficult.
There are a number of signs that can tell you what kind of person you're dealing with, but, of course, they are not a dogma.It is believed that people with dark eyes are more energetic, lively and enterprising than light-eyed.Dark brown-eyed - diligent and hardworking, but dreamy and sensitive.People with dark brown eyes distinguishes impermanence, sociability and wit.Those with gray-green eyes - are constant and focused, they have a strong will and tough enough with themselves and others.Blue-eyed - honest, truthful and romantic, impetuous and othodchivy.
You can always see how this description corresponds to the nature of people you know.You'd be surprised how many matches there.Develop the power of observation, and it will be easier to communicate with those whom you see for the first time in my life.