Order of St. George was inducted into the Russian Empire, Catherine II in 1769.He had four classes and was the highest military award in the state.The soldiers and officers who committed in military combat actions outstanding or military exploits were honored to be awarded this order.
Order first class had three characters - a star, a cross and two orange tape and four black stripes.The colors of the ribbon symbolizing the gunpowder and fire.After the end of the Russian-Turkish war of shelves, which proved its military prowess on the battlefields, they were awarded the George Standart.
In the years after the 1917 revolution in Russia was forgotten tradition of awarding the Order of St. George, as a remnant of the bourgeois past and the rest of the tsarist, although the distinctions officially abolished have not been and are still considered to be the highest awards.
During World War II there was a demand for a reward that could adequately assess the feat of Russian soldiers and officers.November 8, 1943 was established the Order of "Glory" of three degrees, which was annexed to the St. George Ribbon.It is somewhat changed its appearance, and the alternation of flowers.Since then, the band began to strap a renewed pads Order of Glory.
revival of the same Order of St. George began with the adoption of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet decree of 1992 on the establishment of the Order of the same name.On the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Second World War there was a tradition to tie the ribbons, with a tradition over the years has gained even its own rules of procedure.Thus, it is considered inappropriate to tie the ribbon below the belt, use it as a decoration (scarves, ribbons), or weave in her hair.The tape is usually worn on the lapel of a biloba bow to tie on the bag or place the antenna on the car for all to see.Since then, ribbon proudly sweeping the planet.Already in more than thirty countries around the world on the eve of Victory Day, thousands of people, in memory of the heroes of the war, the defeat of Nazi horde tie St. George ribbon.
However, taking as such and the importance of the tape is not all.Historians say that the use of St. George ribbons in this context, detract from its value in the years after the battle of Sevastopol it was independent and very significant award.In addition, the tape is not more correct to call George and Guards, who during their distribution was done in gold and black.