Surely you pleased when foreigners recall the Kremlin, Dostoevsky, the Soviet satellite, the famous dancers and figure skaters.Bother you to make at least a superficial impression of the culture of the country, where I came from your guest.Read a few books, popular at home foreigner, look fashionable in the country show.Then you'll find a theme for the upcoming conversation.
Carefully inspect your wardrobe, choosing what to wear for a meeting.It is not necessary to wear a T-shirt with the inscription ┬źDolce & amp;Gabbana ┬╗, which is bought on the market.Think about that for Europeans, who saw the real designer clothes, your choices may seem ridiculous.It is better to give preference to low-key but high-quality clothing made from natural fabrics.
man with a big Russian soul is t
ypical interlocutor pat on the shoulder or back, thus expressing their position.However, such behavior is considered acceptable not in all countries.Typically, the lower the population density, the more a man of personal space, invade is considered impolite.For example, with the Europeans to keep better at a distance of 30-40 centimeters.
Even gestures, plain and simple childhood, in different countries may mean dissimilar things.For example, if you connect to the ring thumb and index finger, to show that everything is fine, you will understand the American, but for the Portuguese it is an obscene gesture.If the Spaniard slams his palm across his forehead, it does not mean that he forgot something.On the contrary, at this moment he is incredibly pleased with himself.
Unwittingly, you can insult a foreign guest, so before the meeting better read the unspoken taboo in his country.For example, if you sit in front of a guest from an Arab country in a way that it will be visible to the soles of shoes, it will cause a serious offense.And when dealing with the Japanese in any case not to throw his legs - it is considered a sign of disrespect to the other party.
Stay themselves.Any misunderstandings can be resolved, the main thing - to be polite and friendly towards guests.In this case, the foreigner will have the most positive about the experience.