State undertakes to provide financial assistance to this category of people, and create all the conditions for the full life of the disabled.A special role in the maintenance of life of persons with disabilities play institutions of social protection of the population as part of the social sphere of society.They provide services, including initial public services, medical care, legal advice, and is one of the most important, psychological support.

People with disabilities face every day with a lot of problems, which alone is extremely difficult to overcome them.One of the central problems is loneliness.Without the support of family, friends, relatives find it difficult to create an internal positive attitude to develop personal potential for rehabilitation in society and to adapt to new living
conditions.With the assistance of a social worker with a disabled person always willing to help reveal its potential, due to which he could adapt to reveal themselves on the other side.But often people with disabilities are closed from people, creating its own inner world, the so-called shell, thereby refusing to receive any aid not only from the social services, but also on the family.

Social adaptation of disabled people - enough time-consuming process.Although this category and receives financial and social support from the state in the form of social benefits, but this is only one aspect of care.If you can not destroy all the barriers that surround them, this aid would be quite superficial.

major psychological barrier in the life of a disabled person becomes a misunderstanding by others.As a rule, they tend to go back to a past life, have the goal to rehabilitate, but faced with the fact that the attitude towards them is changing dramatically.Surrounding cease to regard them as full people can work productively for the benefit of society.It is worth noting the measures of the state, which is quoted jobs for disabled people, enabling them to return to the working channel and feel needed.

for disabled children is implementing a program of inclusive education.It allows students with disabilities to receive education on an equal basis with their peers without pathologies.However, there are often difficulties with technical equipment of buildings and premises for the full movement of disabled children.