greets senior first.Etiquette stipulates that those who are younger, should be the first to greet his superior age man.However, this rule does not apply to a handshake.Here, on the contrary: eldest should reach out to the youngest.Pronouncing the greeting, use phrases such as "Hello", "Hello", "Welcome."It is better to abandon the usual "Hello" becauseit implies a frivolous attitude to the interlocutor.
Refer to a senior on the "you".This will allow you to demonstrate their respect for the person with whom you are communicating.It is especially important when talking to strangers.For grandparents also better handle on the "you", unless they are not asked for a closer, "home" address.
gives way to seniors, even if in the subway or in the bus there, where to sit.It i
s possible that an older person is rather difficult to reach space, so your common courtesy can be very useful.Note, however, that such advice is better to be guided only in our country.In many foreign countries, such behavior is considered to be unlawful becauseit demonstrates the condescending attitude toward the elderly and indicate their ages.
Do not be rude elders.Even if you think your buddy's position is incorrect, do not allow yourself to express their dissatisfaction in a rude manner.This may not only offend people, but also demonstrate your bad manners and lack of respect for the older generation.
Take care of elderly people, especially if they need your help.Help bring them home heavy bags down the stairs, cross the road, etc.From you it does not require much effort, and an elderly person would be nice.