frequent situations where your friends who sympathize with you, does not make a single step towards convergence.In this case, will have to take the initiative in their hands.The easiest way to find the object of your attention is better - to invite him for a cup of coffee.But this should be as unobtrusive as possible, you do not know the reasons for which he refuses your attention.

Coffee gratitude

most popular and effective method - is to invite a friend for coffee in return for any service.But this method is suitable only in cases, if you regularly communicate with.

Think of Me any problem that can solve just your friend.Ask him to help you with the work (if your object - a colleague), see the lock on
the front door or in the car (if you have one), to rid your computer of viruses or to install new software.

If your friend is a little initiative, you will have to ask for it, because without your help will not cope.Well, thanks to the bold (even aggressively) invite him for a cup of coffee, even in a nearby cafe, rather than to your home.What happens next is up to you and your enterprise.

Rendezvous fun

This method is very fond of the writers and directors of romantic movies.But in real life he is quite able to help.

Ask your friend to go with you to the cafe to meet with classmates or business partners, to play the role of your guy.If his character has a share of adventure, then he'll agree to help you.And playing in a sense, they are easy to move in reality.

Even if no meetings have not assigned, you can always ask friends or relatives with whom your "object" is not a sign of relief.And you can not ask anyone, and to pretend that you have called and canceled the appointment, and since you are in a cafe, a cup of coffee is a sin not to drink.

right to invite to coffee

This method is the most sincere and the most effective.Just go to your friend, and invite him for a coffee.If he is well brought up, the refuse can not, and you will make a lasting impression with its sincerity.

These are just three ways to invite someone to man the coffee.In fact, women's ingenuity knows no bounds.But regardless of the outcome of the meeting, a second can only be a man.Otherwise, you may find it intrusive and ill-bred.