Tip 1: How to behave in a restaurant

The first thing to do when you only went to the restaurant - it does not take the time to sit at the table, even if you've noticed an empty seat.It will be correct to wait until you go to the control room, to avoid absurd situations.

Refer to the waiter to be named.If for any reason it is not given, I ask him about it yourself.

Not many people understand what to do with a napkin.The purpose of this subject is simple: turn around and put a napkin on his lap.Men can put it to his right.During the reception, meals cloth wipe only the tips of his fingers.No need to wipe her lipstick.Prohibitively so to behave in a restaurant.

first ordered cold snacks.There is a procedure for admission of dishes: vegetables, then fish and meat.If you're in a large company, a snack should be decomposed from a common dish in snack plates guests.The dish for snacks, usually brought at the beginning of each meal.

If snacks are served in a separate bowl for each visitor, the waiter he will take an extra plate.

first dish is usually served in a separate bowl on a plate substitution.No need to throw this dish meal that you do not like.It should be left to the edge of your plate or ask the waiter for another plate.

Some women behave in the restaurant did not know how.They did not hesitate to do their own appearance can chat at lunchtime.So do not.If you notice some confusion, it should go to the toilet room.Is allowed only at the end of dinner, take a look at yourself in a pocket mirror.

If the table served fish and meat dishes, with fish should be to recite.The fish should not be cut with a knife only help to separate the bones.With meat all the way around, as far as possible, all the meat is cut with a knife.

Drinks are an integral part of every meal.Therefore, there is a correlation between food and drinks.For example, the meat dishes are usually served with red dry wine to fish - dry white, to dessert - sweet wines, coffee - brandy, to fruit dishes - champagne.

Smoking at dinner is not recommended because as cigarettes interfere with their own taste sensations to visitors and the other tables.

Another point which should be treated very delicately - a tip.All over the world have become accustomed to them.However, to leave or not to leave a tip, the visitor decides for himself.

Tip 2: How to behave in the Moscow club

Moscow - luxurious and expensive city, world-famous for its nightlife.Thousands of fans of club atmosphere from all over Russia tend to visit such places as "Rai", "garage", "Heat», «Soho Rooms», etc.That's just not everyone is familiar with the rules of conduct in the Moscow night clubs and very often can not even get to the dance floor.But "nocturnal residents» Moscow made a special etiquette that violate strictly prohibited.
How to behave in a club in Moscow
you need
  • - Documents;
  • - a decent sum of money;
  • - perfect appearance;
  • - a wonderful mood.
Select in advance the club that are going to visit.Check out the topics the nearest event.Perhaps the upcoming party guests will be allowed only with a club card or special pass, or at the event will operate a special dress code.In any case, would have to take into account all the nuances, not to be trapped.
In big Moscow clubs very hard face-control, and will have to prepare for it thoroughly.If the provincial night clubs miss most of all those who paid the entrance, more or less on his feet and not dressed in beach or sports clothes, for the passage of most of the clubs in Moscow you need to look perfect.Neat appearance, sobriety, smile and healthy complexion - your trump card at pass face control.
Once inside the club start to have fun, but do it wisely.Clean the face of the hostile mood of you should blow a positive and friendly attitude, only then will you be able to join in the fun atmosphere.Remember that security personnel are constantly in the hall, they differ little from the other guests, as well dance, actively move around the room and keep order.Wildest personalities that pose a potential danger to others, warn or ask to leave the club without further explanation.
Remember that for the lost ticket for the locker room, battered dishes and other damaged property will have to pay a decent fee.For failure to pay will lead you out of the club and will make a black list, which means a ban on visiting places that you forever.
Behave politely, do not push, do not express an obscenely and apologize if anyone came on foot or made some other nonsense.For example, you are not prohibited to meet girls on the dance floor or at the bar, but if the girl would be "busy", you should not include a "bull-Othello" and sort things out.At best, you just force will withdraw from the club.
Keep yourself in their hands at the bar, it is not necessary to mix cocktails all at once, and exaggerate their standard dosage.Once the guards suspect you that you are "touched", you will be asked to leave.Drug use is strictly forbidden, and this is followed by a separate group of employees of the club, as many nightlife forced to close only due to the fact that it is not very reliable citizens use banned substances in the toilets.
Prepare to be that yours will closely monitor security guards.Nightclubs Moscow very value their reputation, and until the closing of the security service does not lose vigilance.Just have fun with all the heart, behave yourself, do not spoil the mood of anyone, and do not create problems.And then your vacation will not be spoiled.
Never argue with the guards.They may use force methods of influence on you that you just do not like.It is best to meet their demands, they know their job.
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