basic rules to be followed during a conversation on the phone, must be the same for all employees:

  • answer all incoming calls.

  • picks up the phone immediately after the call, without forcing the customer to the institution clock dial.

  • Answering the call, do not forget to utter the words of greeting, name the organization and introduce yourself.

  • If the caller is not given, politely find out the name and patronymic of the phrase: "How can I contact you?".

  • Talking on the phone you need to correct, trying to avoid in conversation phrases: "What do you want", "No one," "I know nothing."This undermines the prestige of institutions and causes ambiguous attitude to the workers, forcing them to question the professional competence.

  • Monitor your pronunciation, intonation and rate of speech, trying to call the person you are well aware.

  • If during a call, joined a second phone line, you should apologize to the first call, pick up the phone and tell the second caller that you are busy.Be sure to ask him about whether he would expect or you call him later.Only then continue the conversation with the first party.

  • If the caller asks an employee who is absent at present, be sure to apologize and specify a time when he will be in the workplace.

  • Listen carefully to the caller, try not to interrupt or argue with him.This is a good way to get the necessary information from the interlocutor.

  • At the end of the conversation thank for to make a call.

When conducting telephone conversations with family and friends, there are some nuances.Do not forget about the rules of etiquette.Before the conversation by psychologists recommend to make one or two introductory sentence, and then to continue the conversation.Ask a friend if he has free time for a phone conversation.Etiquette conversation should stop the one who called.

If you follow these simple recommendations, then calls will become an excellent way for you to communicate with many people.