own example

At preschool age children quickly absorb any information and are more likely to copy the behavior of parents.If adults are constantly showing resentment towards the people around, criticizing friends, and someone just can not stand, then the child is likely to choose a similar pattern of behavior.

children perceive the world literally, without giving estimates and are not talking about the moral norms.Moral education they receive from their loved ones, and all sorts of preschool.Adults show by example how to behave properly with the outside world.If parents teach their children good manners, and themselves neglected children will notice the difference of words and deeds.They will be difficult to make a choice as it's still wo
rth to behave in such situations.

very important on its own example to show the child how to communicate with others.He must see a culture of interpersonal dialogue, of tolerance for other people's otherness adults and friendly attitude towards people in general.

multipolar world

necessary to explain to the child that the world is very big and it is inhabited by people of different nationalities, beliefs and traditions.They can behave and think differently, or express their views.People of different nationalities differ not only in appearance, but they are other traditions and customs.However, this does not mean that they are completely different.In the shower, many people have the same structure: want to be happy, to make friends and communicate with interesting people, and that everywhere there was peace and harmony.

best to promote tolerance among preschool children in the process of communication.It is important that the child had the opportunity to communicate with different children.When a child is friends with their peers in the yard, talking with the guys from kindergarten, meets with the children in the circles, he is learning the culture of communication.Due to the large circle of acquaintances peers child starts comfortable with the external differences between people and tolerant to another point of view.

with preschoolers should learn the culture of their country and of different nations.Joint discussion of the various traditions and customs will lead to an understanding of how the world is multipolar, and this is quite natural.The child should know the history and traditions of their country, but also respectful of other cultures.