Messalina famous irrepressible desire for sex.And though after the death of the great harlot Roman Senate did all that her name was forgotten until today have reached the information about her insatiable lust.A significant role was played by historians Suetonius and Tacitus, as well as the poet Juvenal.Unfortunately, not preserved images Messalina as by the decision of the senate all the statues and paintings of the Empress, were destroyed.

As the wife of the Roman Emperor Claudius, Valeria Messalina, of course, could afford such "innocent fun", as prisoners, slaves and gladiators.It is a means of entertainment used by many notable women of ancient Rome.But Valerie was not enough.Almost
every night Messalina visited a brothel where prostitutes under the guise surrendered to anyone interested.Her sexual appetite was neuemen she changed partners every half hour.Once a Roman Empress arranged a match with one of the local prostitutes, and when she gave up at dawn, MAINTENANCE 25 clients (approximately the same as, and Messalina), the first lady of the empire gave herself another 25 men, taking them with the same passion.

What was dictated by such behavior Valeria Messalina?It is unlikely that it can be attributed only to the bad influence of the environment.About mental disorders in ancient Rome, alas, we knew practically nothing.Messalina is a prime example of such diseases as nymphomania.

Nymphomaniac is not able to give pleasure to a man only interested in her own pleasure.It does not get tired of multiple orgasms, but they meet her and do not bring.As a result, suffer both body and soul, but can not stop a nymphomaniac.Naturally, its partners do not get anything but a mechanical sex.

reasons for nymphomania is a mental disorder, and hormonal disorders.As for Messalina, then, being a relative of Caligula, she was 13 years old lost her virginity and soon became involved in the palace orgies.Caligula gave her in marriage to 20 years for his uncle Claudius Tiberius.The age difference between husband and wife was about 25 years old and ardent temperament insatiable Messalina did not meet the sexual needs of her husband.All the more so for the title stuck stuttering Claudius quiet fool, an enthusiastic history and literature.

spouse for many years pretended that he knew nothing about the sexual abuse of his wife exploits.But his patience came to an end when she wanted to raise the rank of the emperor his lover.Perhaps Claudius, because of the softness of his character would tolerate a betrayal of his wife, but the imperial legate stood up for the honor of the ruler.Messalina stabbed with a dagger, and together with its illustrious history ended with the death of a Roman empress nymphomaniac.