Diplomatic man though is at ease, but never say too much, do not put anyone in an awkward position and did not disappoint unpleasant remark.Such a person does not intervene without having your own business, it is delicate and flexible, but do not forget about self-esteem.He knows how to talk and to listen carefully to the interlocutor.Cultural man does not try to be in sight, but it always stands out manner.What are the rules of conduct is useful to know to always be respected in society?


Speak softly and calmly, it always gives the words more weight.Continually monitor it, to get rid of the word - parasites.In conversation not taratorte and less Motion.

Never interrupt the interlocutor, have exposure.Listening - a very important quality that all appreciate.

Be polite, more likely to use the magic words: "I'm sorry," "please," "thank you."Do not whine, do not complain to life and tediousness, do not discuss mutual friends.

Avoid familiarity, not in a hurry to move on "you" with a stranger.Even if you have a high public profile, it does not give you that right.

not worth while talking to touch the other person - clap on the shoulder, pull the sleeve, etc.If you are talking on the phone, then no matter how hungry, put the meal.It is unpleasant when a person on the other end chews and swallows the food.

Avoid discussing sensitive and sensitive to those who are unpleasant to others, do not be persistent and intrusive.Do not attempt to slay all their intelligence.

Know how to hide his bad mood because of some personal troubles.Since you came to visit, it is possible, stay friendly, or even fun.

not be noisy joker, know the measure, do not overdo it with anecdotes and one-liners.It quickly tires of others, and the person is perceived as a buffoon.

Away, social

can not pay a visit without warning, it puts the owners in an awkward position, and certainly can not ask for a visit without an invitation.

According to etiquette, do not come to visit before 12 hours, and 20 hours later. Even if you do not want to go, make an effort, do not forget that the owners have their own worries and deeds.Do not stretch goodbye, do not turn it into a painful procedure.

Do not enter the house with a cigarette and a headdress.Do not bring your friends or acquaintances, even total, without warning the owners beforehand.

always come at the appointed time, in extreme cases, can be a bit late, but not more than a few minutes.Early visit is undesirable becauseit would divert attention to you hosts in the last moments of preparation to welcome guests.