Blacks called blacks who live in the United States, but they have a full or partial descent from Africa.

fight for the rights of

word "nigger" has come down in history since the times of slavery of people, it is widely applied to black workers who worked on the plantations for days.Spanish and Portuguese slavers first introduced this designation, which means "black", that is, the color of the skin of slaves.
colloquial English word "nigger" often use themselves African American, podkalyvaya and joking over each other, but on the lips of the white man's word is considered offensive.
worth noting that even after the abolition of slavery negros long fought for their rights, the same rights as white-skinned people.And it was for that fight, because
colonial America considered Negroid people of third grade.For example, the common was a test in which an African American was forced to read the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence in its entirety.Many uneducated former slaves could not cope with this task, and therefore - considered the white colonialists - they could not participate in the elections and state their demands, in fact, thus depriving the Negro suffrage.


With the adoption of the pact on the independence of blacks and their freedom, with recognition of the right to civil identity it was necessary to get rid of the word, which at the time was the stigma and recalls the past of black slavery.

Later, at the official level, it was accepted that the term "nigger" is offensive.And so in the future we began to use the word "black", ieAmerican, but with African roots.

At the moment the United States is home to more than 42 million African Americans, part of this figure accounts and mulattos, people with impurities of other cultures: Indian, Asian and Latin American.

By the way, do not call Negroes afromamerikantsev everywhere, black men in Brazil, even 5 years ago called "preto", and it was not disappointing.Today, Brazil and come to common terms.

natural increase of the representatives of this race is about 13% of the US population each year.It should be noted that during the years of slavery, there was virtually no growth, it was due to poor working conditions, high mortality from diseases.Thus, it is necessary to call blacks blacks, to show respect for their history and the fact that they had to struggle for years to have the right, like other citizens.