Once etiquette taught on a par with foreign language and general school subjects.Over time, this role was taken parents and childminders, because the earlier a child learns the norms and rules of behavior, the better for him.

basic rules of etiquette

When meeting new people clearly state your name.If you shake hands with one person, you need to bypass all the rest.

first greets whoever younger.If people of different sexes, first greet the man.Gender does not matter if a person comes to a group of people, then the first to greet those who came.

Do not talk loudly in public transport and do not decide their affairs by phone, if it can wait.Before entering, leaving people miss.Gives way to the elderly and pregnant women.

If the man is behind the woman, he
has to pass it forward when entering or leaving the building, while opening the door.However, the elevator man himself comes first.Because transportation is also the first man out, then helps a woman, holding out his hand.

Inviting a woman in a restaurant, you should help her take off the robe, to carry to the table, move the chair and only then sit down himself.If the table a number of ladies, especially the wine is poured into the oldest of them.If several devices on the table, start with those that are further away from the plate.It's OK to ask for help from the waiter, if you do not know the purpose of the device.

In a conflict situation, remain calm.Mentally count to ten and with a friendly smile apologetically.If the other person is at fault, try to explain it to him politely, not to get personal and insults.

Good tone when communicating with family

polite to behave politely, not only in society but also at home.Of course, at home you can relax and enjoy a fork instead of three, but the basic rules of etiquette has not been canceled.

Remember every time you need to thank the family, wishing good morning and good night to be interested - if they needed help in some cases.

changing clothes, remove clothes in place, but do not throw anywhere.Home clothes should look neat and tidy.

In no case do not argue with a husband or wife in the presence of other people in the street.Expressed his displeasure when left alone.Children especially should not be a witness of your conflict.

Keep in mind that many of the manners and habits of the child takes over from his parents.If you want to grow out of it educated person, start with yourself.