Find out exactly what you offer.Listen to the interlocutor to finish.If you can not understand that, actually, you have to ask him about it.But do not push various assumptions with respect to its treatment.So you can really hurt him.
If you have understood that the offer does not suit you, give convincingly explain the situation.Give the reason.But do not invent term obligations to other people, do not refer to any existing health problems, money, time.If the objective reasons for the refusal is not, honestly admit that you do not like the offer or you have no desire to do it.It is better to be caught in the self-interest than a lie.
If you need some time to make a decision immediately mark the exact timing for a final answer
.However, do not force the interlocutor to wait too long.If the proposal requires an immediate response, it is better to say, "No thank you" or "It's not in my power," than to frantically look for ways to retreat.Do not answer evasively ("Maybe", "I do not know," "I'll call you back").Thus, you are cheating a man in his expectations and characterize himself as the subject fragile.
not promise that the next time you will certainly agree.Do not expose the conditions under which your consent can be obtained.Thank interlocutor for the offer.If it was made on behalf of a loved one, I'm sorry I could not help anything.
If your decision is firm, try not to listen to persuasion, promises or threats to the interlocutor.Manipulating you, he thus pursues only its own benefit, without regard to your interests.If it is too persistent, refuse again, but more confident tone.It is possible that it will cause an uproar with his hand.Keep calm to the end and do not give in to provocations, to argue.