first International Year of the Family has been declared by the UN in 1994.In 2014, the world celebrated the 20th anniversary of this event.Since the late 20th century, many governments began to hold events in their countries, dedicated to the "Year of the Family."

Within 12 months, more attention is paid to the families, we considered many issues relating to married couples and children.The urgency, of course, measures of social support provided by families.

At the United Nations emphasize the importance of each family for the formation and development of modern society.Commemorative events will help to identify the main vectors of social policy for families.

Within the framework of the "Year of the Family" -2014 will be closely studied the problem of poverty among families, their social inequality,
too busy parent at work, as well as support and liaison between the families.

In today's world more than ever become popular traditional family values.Children in the family, love and care of parents make the future of society more predictable and stable geopolitical and economic challenges.

instability in the world today is largely due to the weakening of families, the depreciation of close family relationships and communication with the parents of children.With the loss of the cultural traditions of many States lose and moral foundations.

Only strong families can grow healthy and strong children, this fact has long been proven by psychologists and doctors.But the life of the modern family is heavily dependent on the state of the economy and government support.

Russian family in 2104 is waiting for a series of long-awaited changes.They expect increase in the amount of child benefits and an increase in the maternity capital.Increase payments to large families.All children born in these families in the years 2013-2017, will be assigned to maintenance allowance up to 3 years.

Young parents can take a housing loan with the payment of 40% of the cost of housing.In some regions, are provided for the payment of the lack of places in kindergartens.

Stories characteristic spiral movement.The current return to family values ​​is very timely and a must for the next day was the stable and peaceful.Today's kids will become parents themselves and create their own families, so it is important any "Year of the Family" and everything connected with it.