Tip 1: Do I have sympathy

Imagine that your friend or a good friend was in trouble.Naturally, you try to do something to help him talk, support, sympathize.But it is important to do it right.After all possible situations where excessive sympathy stirs.

To start, you need to determine what exactly is compassion.This emotional state when you are going through another person, as if passing through his problems himself.You are trying to fully understand the thoughts and emotions going through, live in his role.

empathy and compassion for others can help them in many ways.First, experiencing certain difficulties a person does not feel alone and abandoned.Knowing that someone is going through for you, it gives strength to deal with the problems and adds confidence in the success.After all, sometimes there are such situations when a clear and does not need help at all, but a simple informal conversation can change a lot.Even ordinary words "do not worry", "we must pull yourself together," etc.also have a healing effect.Another m
an takes some of the emotional experiences, and becomes much easier.

but also sympathetic experiencing some stress.In fact, besides their problems added another and others.Besides, in terms of energy, negative emotion selected force.So too emotional people, sympathizing, and may themselves suffer, until health problems.

Excessive compassion may harm and to whom it is addressed.It so happens that the person looking for sympathy, actually looking for the shoulders, which can shift the whole burden of their problems.Person, which all too often and a lot of regret, can become weak and unable to cope with difficulties.Or a person "unstuck" and is completely immersed in themselves and their suffering.Sometimes I need some rigidity to really help someone to get out of depression.

why should remember one simple rule: in everyone needs a happy medium.You should not be either too sympathetic and compassionate, and completely heartless.The mere sympathy - not a panacea for the difficulties.We need not only compassion, but also try to give the right impetus to the exit of a depressed emotional state.

Tip 2: Why sympathy

Empathy - is, above all, the ability to put yourself in the other person, to understand their needs and problems, as well as a desire to help him when shenecessary - the real thing, or advice.What a person needs to feel sympathy for someone else?
Why do I need sympathy

Is there any sense of sympathy?After all accidents do not regret it, and not comforted, not all who need help.It is necessary, first of all, the man himself.To become a kinder, better and nobler.The man really knows how to empathize, will not pass indifferently by the person to whom it is now bad.For example, by crying a lost child, or an elderly woman who in the subway to "grab" the heart.He will try to help them to the best of their ability and capacity.And at the same time will not count any remuneration for their kindness or even just for a word of thanks.Agree that more people will behave in such a way, the better the result will be the whole of society!

Empathy is necessary also to around a man created a quiet, comfortable, friendly environment.After all, the one who has the ability to empathize, always attentive to other people.He knows how to listen to them patiently, without interrupting, able, where necessary, unobtrusive, tactful advice, recommendations.This would seem the most natural, normal things, but not everyone understands their importance.There is nothing surprising in the fact that such a person are usually friendly.

Actually, all of the above - merely a reflection of the ancient commandment, "to all that want to do to you people, so do you also to them" and "By what measures the measure, the same will be measured to you."Nothing complicated.

course, the extremes are harmful in any case, even in such a noble as sympathy.In each case it is necessary to act so that "the object of sympathy," did not take care of your faux pas like saying that there is nothing to climb into someone else's soul.Sometimes it is necessary to postpone the tips, or the question of whether you can do to help.For example, if you clearly see and understand that a person is not in the spirit, or behaves inappropriately, first let a little rest, will come to his senses.Then, from your compassion is a real benefit.