However, the first impression is deceiving not just the people, but of all the things of life in general.For example, the various quotes and expressions in the same way can be interpreted incorrectly, and their original meaning can be warped beyond recognition.It is to such expressions and include "Balzac Age".

term history

history of the term goes back to the XIX century.This century has been extremely rich in outstanding musicians, writers, poets, architects, scientists, politicians, inventors.It is in this rich on colorful events of the century did one of the greatest French prose - Honore de Balzac.In the middle of the century, he wrote his famous and popular work "Thirty woman┬╗ (La Femme de trente ans).It was after the publication of this novel was born the expression "Balzac Age".

Age category "Balzac Age┬╗

The main character of this literary work - Viscountess d'Aiglemont - quite different from the behavior of an independent, expressive expression of feelings and self-judgments that ran counter to the dominant public opinion.The first time after the publication of the novel, the term was applied with a certain irony in relation to women, their behavior is clearly reminiscent of the behavior of the protagonist of the work.Later, it became a women aged 30-40 years.Critics contemporaries Balzac observed that the writer "invented" a woman thirty years.

After more than a hundred years, the expression has radically changed the meaning.Now, at the mention of the phrase "middle-aged woman," it is believed that under it is meant a woman older than 40 years, which by definition is fundamentally wrong.

On the Internet you can find articles and forums where "Balzac" describes a woman 40-50 years, and argues the allegations.Share this sense, of course.Since thirty years in the XIX century, it is proportionate to the present 40 years.However, it is important to remember what is the history of the appearance of expression.

Perhaps many people faced with the negative reaction of women, as last heard the term in the address.As a rule, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity offended by the fact that their, say, called them old.This indicates only that the ladies just do not realize the true sense of the expression.