Man - a social being, so it is very sensitive to the changes, they are positive or negative, that occur next to him, in the social environment.Other people's suffering is normal, adapted to society a person perceives unconsciously as their own, they have him physically unbearable.The researchers conducted experiments with newborn babies, and it was found that a healthy and well-fed babies often start to cry when they hear the crying of his neighbor, who is hungry or ill.So, what good is innate human need.Of course, there are evil and selfish people, but this can be attributed to the shortcomings of education, or even of genetic pathology.After all, in fact, giving unselfishly, a person experiences a kind of euphoria, in these moments there is released into the b
lood of a number of hormones joy - endorphins and serotonin.Sociologists say that human society lives by the rule of mutual exchange, in which each person is trying to give back in this way, because it gave other people.Life in human society implies cooperation, namely it helped people to survive in prehistoric times.By the same principle: "you - I, I - you" live and many other species in the world, ensuring their survival.Welcome generates positive energy that attracts like yourself - positive thoughts, longevity, health, happiness and prosperity.Peace of mind and harmony with the environment - that is in fact the cost of the good that man does.Therefore, we can say that he does good, he is not entirely disinterested - he feels pleasure and satisfaction from these actions.This is the fee for good, which can hardly be expressed in monetary terms, it is truly priceless.The man does good because subconsciously aware - as he refers to the outside world, and the world will treat it.