In 2012, the National Anti-Corruption Committee of the Russian Federation presented to the public four methods to combat corruption in the country.They were supported by several national parties, and now these measures are increasingly applied in practice.The first is a careful selection of personnel for admission to the civil service.Excluded recruitment for senior positions, "Relations", for a fee, and other illegal or unethical reasons.For the public service may only be citizens with relevant higher education and work experience, proven in previous jobs.
Another method of combating corruption is a cost control officials, eliminating bribery and embezzlement opportunity inconspicuous funds obtained by illegal means
.For this, the annual declaration of income and property of senior officials, as well as validation of the relevant declarations.The amounts and sources of income compared with the increase in assets of both the officials and their immediate families.During the inspection data and figures are also set actual possession and use of property, as is becoming quite common real estate registration and transportation to other persons.
also of Russian legislation gradually eliminated the right of civil servants to the storage of personal secrets and privacy in certain situations.This simplifies the activities of bodies which carry out operative investigation into the audit of the officials of their personal relationships, monitor their phone calls, etc.
Finally, last possible measure to curb corruption is a constant prevention.The investigating authorities should conduct more inspections of hidden government officials for their involvement in bribery.For example, under the guise of citizens, business owners and other officials visited the place operatives service officials and offer to solve certain problems by transferring money or valuables state parties.In this survey of being hidden process.In a special manner these measures apply to persons who have already come across on bribery earlier.