sure to politely greet at a meeting with all the friends, and in some circumstances, for example, at a party, at the production meeting in a train compartment - and with strangers.At the same time, remember that familiar tone type "Hello," "Salute" is allowed only when referring to a friend or a good friend to people.
If you are invited to visit, try not to be late.If for some good reason (for example, a traffic jam), the delay is unavoidable, be sure to call, apologize to the host or hostess, and briefly explain the reason why you will be late.Entering the house, where you are invited, we must once again politely apologize to all those present for being late.
Accordingly, the owners (and the gue
sts) should not blame latecomer guest, even in a joking manner, and even more so - to demand a drink, "the box."This is not the best practice, and hardly need to abide by it.
Try politely communicate with everyone, without exception, even if the person you somehow distasteful.In no case do not show their superiority, disdain for subordinates, service personnel in hotels, retailers in stores, etc.You humiliate it is not their - you humiliate yourself.
In the case where a door on both sides at the same time fit two people, has a rule: anyone who wants to enter, skip coming.Do not forget about it.
If you are going to visit the cinema show or a play - try to arrive in advance to quietly without disturbing anyone, find and take their place in the hall.In that case, when your number is already full, you have before you start to squeeze to his place, apologize to the spectators sitting for concern.
Even if you liked the movie or a play, not to be the course of action to share experiences with neighbors, because you can prevent other viewers.
When you are in the subway, or inside the bus, tram, should advance to prepare for entry into its stop.Ask a passenger standing in front of you, whether it will also go on it.If the answer is ask him to move over and miss you.
course, do not forget to give way to the elderly, the disabled and pregnant women.In short, try to behave according to the commandment: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!ยป