Tipping - a significant part of the income

You have to understand that sometimes the tip may comprise a greater proportion of monthly income, ie income of a particular person in the service sector to a greater extent may depend on the voluntary rewards.That is why hairdressers, bartenders, waiters, taxi drivers and couriers are like money thanks very positive. can take a tip, as transport costs.After all, if you go to the store by yourself, you would have spent on travel or gasoline.Courier saves you both time and money, and sometimes the nerves.

Why tip the courier?

In Russia, there is no strictly regulated amount that is customary to leave a tip.Usually it depends on the capacity and willingness of the client, so if the speed of service and quality of work you like, completel
y normal in a similar way to reward employees.Work carrier does not seem difficult - you need to get the goods, deliver it to the buyer to get the money and leave.However, in reality things are not so simple.Couriers may be stuck in traffic jams, to break through the defense concierge vigilant in doorways, to deliver the order within the specified time frame, at the risk of displeasing the customer drag sized goods.This work, if it is made perfectly, deserves a little reward.

Many people are not rewarded in this way courier, because it does not know what the amount of the tip is considered normal.Traditionally, the award may be about ten percent of the total order.If you do not do no claim to delivery, everything is perfect, the amount of tipping can be increased to twenty percent.If you have ordered express delivery, the goods are received on time, and on the street, such as bad weather, you can slightly increase the amount, it is considered good form.
Always carefully check the goods before you sign for the absence of claims.This will save you from many difficulties.If you check the goods for a long time, should be added to the courier waiting for additional tips.

If the work carrier has not caused you any particular emotion, everything went well and you are not low on money, let him at least a small tip, such a gesture Courier will appreciate, and your wallet is not much of that scanty.Of course, if the carrier did everything wrong and the wrong time, it can be tipped with a calm heart not to leave.In summary, it is worth noting that a tip in Russia - it is not mandatory, but only voluntary.However, remember that tips are a sign of good taste.