composition of the category of "moral values"

By moral values ​​ include overarching ideas, promoting morality and the basic components of the good life: the meaning of life, good conscience, happiness and others.Thus under morality is understood as a system of rules and norms of behavior in society, as well as in relation to the surrounding reality.can not be highly moral person in the team, and it is immoral.For each person the priority order of moral values ​​is individual and depends on personal qualities.

One of the main concepts related to moral values ​​is notion of good and evil .But we must remember that these concepts can be subjective and relative, so that one may seem good for another seems evil.

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Another important compone

nt of moral values ​​are duty and conscience .These two concepts are inextricably linked. Conscience - it is a person's ability to critically evaluate their actions with the failure of the debt.

Continuing the theme of moral values, we note such human qualities as honor and dignity. These concepts express the idea of ​​man as a moral person, requiring respect for yourself.

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Moral values ​​are often confused with moral values, although they are two different concepts.All moral values ​​ eventually boil down to the fact that good and important for you, simply, moral values ​​have a certain value status. to moral values ​​also include the very values ​​that make each person to think absolutely. This way of reasoning on the subject of moral values ​​infinitely varied.

One example of moral values ​​is freedom .A necessary condition for the existence of freedom is choice.But the choice - this is a purely personal matter, which sets the parameters of personal preference.It turns out that the moral freedom can not be the same for everyone, because sometimes in the same situations, people make completely different choices.

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