Rule one: confident start

Small Talk and oppression are incompatible.From the beginning you have to appear before the interlocutor (s) of a confident person.So do not be embarrassed to smile, smoothing her skirt, dress or take the phone.

In any situation, whatever their social status or belong to a person standing in front of you, will help you a nice smile and competent representation of itself.It is advisable not modest to say the name, last name, and provide more complete information: full name, who are in the profession.This is particularly appropriate if you need to support small talk with business partners.Note: stretching his hand to shake is not necessary (and if the person older than you or higher rank, the decision about the appr
opriateness of a handshake is to take it).

Try to remember details of the interlocutor.This will in future refer to it by name (that demonstrate your ability to listen) or, if there is a hitch, ask anything about his work.Another way to continue the small talk - a compliment.Only in this case it is necessary to notice that something corresponding to the situation.

Rule two: active listening

literacy small talk does not work, if you can not listen.This is necessary in order to position itself to the person.Nods kindly look at him, periodically repeat the last word he said.

This technique is called "active listening."Exercise should be unobtrusive so as not to seem like you're mimicking.If you want to leave a good impression about yourself is also recommended to follow the posture of man ("mirroring") and do not forget to praise his interests, achievements, opinions.

Rule three: draw yourself

But small talk is not only poddakivany and hearing, but also allows you to introduce yourself schematically.Currently you need to think carefully to understand how and to whom you can trust the information.Remember, small talk can develop into a closer acquaintance, and may soon be forgotten after parting.Alternative development largely depends on the trusted information, and their feed.

latter depends largely on the way in which you arrive.This feature is very characteristic for conducting small talk at receptions, parties, presentations and other events.You need to be a kind of "hero", with which you stand in the right light.This method of self-promotion is very effective and allows for a few minutes, make useful contacts.