main thing is that the man in the church, it is desirable to go, leaving the anger, hatred and negativity behind the doors of the temple.Can not be stored in the "house of God" when the soul of a man full of hatred and ill humor.Before you cross the threshold of the church, it is necessary to impose a sign of the cross with the words of a prayer to God for forgiveness of their sins.The church should try to behave culturally.You can not be rude, to argue, to talk loudly.Do not use the telephone during the service, as this may interfere with the rest of the faithful.A very important criterion for dignified behavior in church is a behavior that does not interfere with the rest of the faithful.

If you want to light a candle, then, going to the candlestick, it is impossible to p

ush.When large crowds candle may be asked to transfer to the candlestick in front of a standing person.If the believer knows that worship is a lot of people, you can go to the temple in advance and calmly put the candles in front of icons.

can not go into a holy sanctuary for those who do not have the special blessing.

In the Christian tradition to men to stand during the service on the right and women on the left.But it does not have such importance, rather, it is a common church practice.If, during a long service man tired to stand long, you can sit on special benches.But while the believer should not engage in idle talk.

There are times when a person goes past the church and had a desire to go to him, but the dress is not very suitable.For example, a woman without Plotka or in jeans.This is not a reason to pass by the church.In this situation, you can safely go and ask the seller a scarf that can cover the head.

very important aspect of behavior in the church is that in case of conviction on the part of any of the parishioners do not need to argue.Conviction often unnecessarily, so do not start swearing and something to prove.It must be remembered that the church should behave piously.

can not come to the temple in a state of extreme intoxication, when a person does not understand what is going on around him.Do not use foul language in the temple, and the presence of intoxicated.

must be remembered that in the temple to behave culturally, not to disturb others to pray, and to be humble and do not be tempted to others.