Flowers have their own language;Greeks even said that to give flowers to the mind, and taken with caution.Almost every man of flowering plants awarded meaning and symbolism.So, majestic tall irises and elongated with a large head dahlias - a symbol of mourning, they were brought to burial ceremony.In Soviet times, the place of dahlias in Russia took a carnation, which often looked lonely and pathetic especially on winter's funeral.

«Flower Story" has the folk roots of today will associated with the legends of the ancestors, and some - with observations.
sign of hope and unfulfilled or unrequited desire has always been a lily.They give former lover or those who will never be able to share feelings.Red lily bloomed in the garden of Gethsemane on the nig
ht before the crucifixion of Christ.Needless to say that Lily's wedding inappropriate.

symbol of the will and won victories were always maroon roses, they, like funeral flowers to give the wedding is not accepted.Now considered inappropriate and hederacea flowers at a wedding, it is believed that ivy drives a man out of the house, but in ancient times it was he who was the basis for a wreath bride and her ceremonial bouquet.Ivy lost symbols of fertility and eternal love in the Middle Ages, when a wreath was replaced by a veil of thick fabric, symbolizing Christianity and Catholicism purity and inaccessibility of the bride.


composing bouquet modern bride, you somehow have to focus on the taste of the couple and the overall wedding flower decoration.Avoid colors, exuding rich vibrant flavors do not get high and those flowers that have thorns and spiky leaves.

Common hardy chrysanthemums and today is the favorite in the wedding floral compositions, but in terms of will and beliefs - is not the best choice.Chrysanthemum - symbol of patience, and patience, as you know, comes for testing.What the young want to start a family life with their own test of patience?

made by the bride's bouquet can advise small decorative tulips, which have a rich color palette of pure symbolism and genuine love.Give a tulip, in fact, it is a declaration of love.East analogue tulip oddly enough is the orchid, although in fact it is part of Russia is connected with eroticism and passion.

Flowers newlyweds

Live potted plants present the newlyweds are not taken, some explanation for this is not, rather, a tradition congratulations couple cut flowers has a purely practical value.Requirements for a bridal bouquet Two: it should not be cumbersome (and therefore from the packaging and wrappers can be waived), it should not reek.
way, toys and decorative items, as well as artificial flowers, along with live today more than appropriate in a wedding bouquet.

Gerbera - flower-gift, a great symbol for the bouquet, which presents the groom to his future wife.It is a sign of a smile, tender feelings, love relationships.

Callas represent unity and togetherness, they guard against quarrels and innuendo.They decided to give only know the groom or bride, calla taken from witnesses is not accepted.

Alstromerias or "Peruvian Lilies" is the guardian of a young family, a sign of protection.Delicate flower perfectly with amaryllis and a variety of herbs that have decided to make the bouquet of the ancient times.The Slavs, for example, herbs have been part of the ritual, they littered the floor in the front room, their intertwined in a wreath of the bride.