Internet connects thousands of people around the world, giving people open access to information.Social networks such as Vkontakte, Twitter, Facebook, and popular resources such as YouTube or YaPlakal provide a huge reservoir of human variety of information and the opportunity to discuss in the comments any event.

Very often, giving their comments, people come to useless disputes.Why is that?

1. The purpose of the dispute - the definition of truth.But if we approach this from a philosophical point of view, for every truth there is another truth.It turns out that the dispute does not lead people to a single point of view, each of the opponents

believe in his only truth.

2. Internet hides the true face of the man under his pen name, avatar, profile.There are resources on which registration is required, but it does not mean anything.Typically, a person's behavior on the Internet is different from its behavior in real life.In the network, we are not afraid to speak out, because we do not see the face of the interlocutor, we feel like a real connoisseur, we can safely manipulate the arguments and facts.Very often, the Internet comes a banal showdown, insults and abuse.Why, then, we need such a dispute?

3. If a person can not win the argument or dispute comes to a personal quarrel, the person falls into a state of stress.Of course, there are people who are thrown out of my head, but most remember this dispute, and the consequences can torture them for a long time.Here is a simple example.

On the YouTube channel there's a new clip of some groups, for example, is a rap group.In this case, the war is almost inevitable in the comments.First to go will be a harmless discussion of lyrics, music and videos, and eventually all will end abuse, violent disputes between different genres of music lovers.It will last for an endless stream of insults, both with respect to the performers themselves songs and for all commentators.To avoid such a situation almost impossible.

really so want to argue and proud to express to the entire Internet from voting?If you love to argue, then take part in this public debate, not in debates over the Internet.Just remember that the stressful condition can cause serious health problems.Disputes on the Internet, any negative feedback or comment in your face can cause this stress.Try to avoid such disputes.Noisy only those who have nothing to do.Keep your opinion, keep it to yourself and enjoy life!