tree became a symbol of Russia for quite objective reasons, it is in the country birch is common, more than anywhere else in the world.Since ancient times in Russia birch is considered a symbol of purity, innocence, wood young girls.There was even a belief that if you talk about their problems tree, it will be easier, and the solution will be found.For this ritual the young girls found in birch woods and hugging her as a girlfriend shared the most intimate.

«Birch» Holidays

Many events associated with birch, for example, the religious holiday - Trinity.Since ancient times, it is on the trio decided to decorate birch colored ribbons and drive around it dance.It was believed that on this holiday with birch branches, you can get rid of all the evil spirits, and because in huts fresh brooms to sweep the floor, and even washed th
e windows. And in the new year in the villages of birch rods driven beyond the threshold of the spirit of the old year.

There is also a tradition to plant birch tree on the occasion of the birth of the child, I believed that as the tree grows - clean and powerful - will also increase and the baby.Cut birch were planted in great sin, in a village hut, and it could burn.

believe in the culture of many peoples living in Russia, save a lot of beliefs associated with belostvolnym tree.So, Chuvash still believe that dream where you cut birch, says the woman in the family dies.

By the way, in Ukrainian villages birch branches with green leaves still lay in the coffin of a young woman as a symbol of purity and sanctity.
According to the biblical mythology on the bank tried to hang himself after the betrayal of Judas, but she was frightened, turned white and did not take it, as opposed to the aspen leaves tremble and that because they had seen the death of Judas.

Love household

Birch was a participant, not only holidays and ceremonies, but also help people in their daily lives.Without it there would be no birch bark bast and paper for writing, utensils, some musical instruments, wood.Birch has healing properties, volatile allocated foliage, have a pronounced anitoksidantnym rejuvenating effect, and decoctions of bark - disinfecting action.Birch sap is very useful to humans, brewed from the bark of birch tar and tincture of leaves and buds were treated joints, kidneys, washed their hair and believed that he would return, not only health but also the beauty.