If families live in the stairwell, from which nobody peace, a legitimate question arises: how to calm them?Someone rolls up partying till the morning, someone fifty cats or dogs within the same apartment, and someone can not complete the repair and working endlessly pesters puncher.And someone sheltered in their 30 meters crowd visiting guest workers.Methods of dealing with them about the same, but there are some differences.Their rights need to be defended by legal means, not slipping into minor mischief, more like a sophisticated revenge.

Noisy neighbors - the bane of all entrance

If the wall or on a nearby floor a few months planed, sawed, drilled, nailed, construction trash thrown into the lobby and regularly sacrificed their garbage disposal, and end in the completion of works to be seenyou need to
start to approach the neighbors are good and try to explain what is the relevant article of the RF LCD where repairs limited.Usually people go to meet the wishes.If repairs and alterations agreed, to supervise the work should the state housing inspection.It is here that you want to send the complaint to the eternal sound of repair.

songs with dancing until dawn

If the apartment almost every night noisy feast, where the first sing and dance, and then they fight so that the furniture is falling, you must explain to the neighbors that the city has a law of silence.For violation of the penalty imposed.To begin with neighbors may be asked to transfer the fun at an earlier time, or to another address.Do not understand?Call the police.Arrived outfit may nip at the root of an offense if the finds.If the hand is hard to catch, you can file a collective statement the district, to collect the signatures of all the residents affected by noise.

Neighbors dog lovers or cat owner

Whatever loved pet Fluffy people suffer numerous neighborhood dogs or cats in an apartment behind the wall very few people like.Apart from the constant noise, especially from the dogs that bark at any time, such a room, a shelter for stray animals miasma exudes into the environment, usually in the vestibule in front of the apartments.If they also defecate on the floor, neighbors below the ceiling always yellow divorce, while it emits a stench.A desire to sell the apartment and move, but even for such housing, and buyers are not found.The "fragrant world" very few people want to move.

again it is time to contact the Housing Code.The Code contains an article about the violation of animal welfare on the basis of which the animals are too loving neighbors can be fined.For exposure they need to apply to ECD, SES, the Criminal Code, the chairman of the HOA.