Appreciate your home environment and the nature of communication between family members.Politeness is instilled in childhood, the prime examples in this case are precisely the parents and their relationship to each other.If a child from an early age watching neglect communion of parents who do not greet each other, do not wish myself or the children good morning or good night, then this type of communication is becoming the norm for the child.Re it then it is very difficult, because he did not believe a word
of welcome something important and necessary.
Encourage your child to shake when he is just beginning to be interested in toys.It is useful to play with the baby, for him to play a mini-performances in which toy characters appear in front of him with words of greeting: "Hello, how are you?".When the baby gets older, he will start to welcome their games with a favorite toy.
Communicate with people politely serve a good example for the child.If the child will see the mom and dad start the day with "Good morning" and coming from work to greet each other, then soon he himself will begin to shake.Meeting in the street a colleague or friend, politely greeted him.If the child is greeted with you, do not blame him in public that he is a poor and uneducated, and to force him to say "Hello."But alone should still explain that to do so ugly, it is no greeting, he seems ill-mannered.
Bring your child examples of polite communication.Check with your child books about children and impolite about how useful to be attentive and cultural.You can diversify activities such drawing books with characters who behave correctly and those who do not know how to behave.Figures useful to hang in the baby's room so he often recalled the examples of good and bad behavior.
Do not rush the child.Do not press down on the child, if he did not immediately get to follow your advice.Its development should follow its own pace.Kid preschool age can be every time he forgets to say hello, recall this in a gentle manner.
If you follow these guidelines, you will surely come a time when the child himself is aware that greeting - is an important part of communicating with people.