legendary burial place of the legendary personality

is well known that the remains of singer and actor are buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky in Moscow, near the Kremlin.In place of honor among the nomenclature and celebrities of the time.Near the main entrance, on the right.Now, this fact does not surprise anyone.But at that time, at the request of the Moscow City Council, Vladimir Vysotsky was supposed to end its way into the most remote and desolate corner, away from human eyes.Thanks to the director of the cemetery, "punishment" was avoided.Ustinskov OMHe donated a prestigious post in order to be buried with dignity and honor the memory of the beloved singer.

the sake of power and to avoid unnecessary publicity, on the eve of the funeral were dug
two graves.It was a miracle achieved it at a decent burial site.The planned government land was disguised as a ghost, unsuitable for use.


authorities could not hide the news of the death of Vladimir Semenovich from his fans.Modest sign "actor died Vysotsky" at the theater box offices has become a sensation. On the day of the death of Vladimir Vysotsky was to play the show.In the theater, waiting for the audience return tickets nesostoyasheesya action, but none of the ticket has not been delivered.

July 28, 1980 were half-empty stadiums, the Olympic Games - forgotten.Funeral Vysotsky equated to the royal tombs.Queue wanting simply ends near the Kremlin.By the way, the caretaker of the cemetery, choosing a site, provided that in the case of dumping idol somewhere in the opposite corner of the "people all peretopchet cemetery."

According to unconfirmed reports, the tomb of Vladimir Vysotsky "free" only in 1979.Leaving in the Kaluga-old mother decided to take the remains of his son with him.It is surprising that the vacant place was empty for almost a year, but at that time, each site was worth its weight in gold.


Across the country, favorite singer, bard, poet installed dozens of monuments and memorial plaques, issued two commemorative medals and coins even 4.

To honor the memory of Vladimir, a competition was announced projects tombstones.In 1985, at the tomb of Vladimir Vysotsky set realistic sculpture depicting the great poet's full length.Showing the smallest details, down to the mole on his cheek.Vladimir shrouded in a veil and stares into the distance.The monument was created by architect Alexander Rukavishnikov.On the pedestal knocked dates of birth and death.Until now, every day at the grave appear fresh flowers from grateful descendants of the immortal creator.